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What is a Visionary Resort?
A visionary resort is one that understands and uses the power of on-line media to promote itself and bring customers to the resort. We specialize in working with these resorts.

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On-line Video
One of our major areas of development is working with visionary resorts to develop targeted marketing and on-line presence campaigns using video. We can use any current industry and emerging formats. We tailor the format and the encoding to maximize the on-line visitor experience that showcases resorts and leads to increased guest visits. We work with technology and network providers around the globe so a video a potential guest views in a foreign country begins as quickly and looks as good as one you view on your office computer. We use the power of our international networks to bring your message to the world!

On-line Multimedia
In the early days of media, in the last century, multimedia was mostly just pictures uploaded to a website. Today we lead in the development of multimedia campaigns that really connect with today's resort guests. These include high-definition video, high-resolution photo montages with music and voice-overs, podcasts designed to promote your resort, video podcasts to connect with both young and old and highlight the uniqueness of your resort.
We also work with resort area real estate companies, travel companies, and chambers of commerce to develop powerful packages that highlight individual properties or entire resort towns.

Travel and Tourism
We also work closely with those in the travel industry to develop campaigns that combine the uniqueness of your resort with packaged travel options for your guests. Remember, we work on a global basis so there is tremendous opportunities for you to bring more international visitors to your resort.

Growing Resort Towns and Communities
Imagine the power of bringing entire resort towns together to promote and grow everyone's business! We can work with your Chamber of Commerce, local government, and state government offices to bring your entire community to regional, national, and international guests. Why settle for only the local business when we have the ability to bring you a global business?


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