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Media Samples

Please review some of our examples of media that we have worked with on various projects. The examples range from photos to standard definition video to high-definition video samples. We can provide digitized video in any industry-standard format.

On-line Marketing Preview of Resort Area DVD |
Standard definition (SD) | Archival Video |
High-definition (HD)

On-line video

  • High-definition (HD)

    These samples originated with high-definition (1080i) video and were repurposed for web viewing. We do a significant amount of high-definition video and transcode it into multiple formats for our clients.
    This is an extremely cost effective method to highlight your business to your customers and show them your products and describe the features, benefits, and advantages of your business.

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  • Standard definition (SD)

    These samples began life as standard definition digital video with transcoding to various formats for web site viewing.

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  • Archival Video
    We are regularly called upon to try to stabilize and restore archival 8mm and 16mm film. We are able to digitize the film so that it is stable for the future and if asked we can perform color correction and additional enhancements. Remember that your archival film is really the history of your business and deserves to be stabilized for the future. You never know when you will need to use it again.

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  • On-line Marketing Preview of Resort Area DVD
    We are a global leader in the application of this new technique. In brief, we have the ability to transcode your DVD creation into a web-based format so that visitors to your site can see both the DVD interface and the DVD content.

    Click here to view this exciting web-based DVD marketing tool!


  • More to come.....!

Advanced Media Resources

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  • You can learn more about High-definition video at Wikipedia.
  • Learn about various web video formats.